About US

MAKOM is the national federation of Intentional Communities, driven by the mission to repopulate the Negev and Galilee and strengthening the social fabric of Israel.

The state of Israel is a phenomenal success story and the foundation for this success was laid in the early 20th century by hundreds of small, young, committed groups with the support of world Jewry through JNF. This is where the basis of MAKOM originates. The vision was, and still is, to create a society that joins the best aspects of Western culture with Jewish values and heritage to create an innovative, inspiring, society that can give more to the world around it. Achieving this requires the best minds and entrepreneurs to tackle the issue in a systemic way.

We do exactly this by recruiting, mentoring, networking and supporting groups of young people who settle in the underprivileged parts of Israel for life, and empower those places from within through a variety of projects in the fields of employment, culture and education - the three most important elements, according to a Ben-Gurion University research, that make the Negev and Galilee more attractive for everybody. MAKOM comprises 200 such groups communities of all sectors of society, with 15,000 members that reach almost half a million beneficiaries year round.

As what is one of the largest and most significant social movement in Israel, we have established a strategic alliance the Jewish National Fund around its Blueprint Negev and Go North initiatives. In five years, MAKOM plans to grow its programming to 350 leadership teams with 18,000 members and 700,000 beneficiaries in Israel. Together, with the support of JNF and its successes in developing and revitalizing Northern and Southern Israel, MAKOM’s vision will become a reality.