MAKOM’s "Tarbut Community in Afula"


MAKOM’s "Tarbut Community in Afula" is a community of young-adults with 40 members. Tarbut Community aims at creating a platform that will enable the circle of local artists to grow and will help them practice their profession, building a platform for people of all ages to meet and share their art, and to transform Afula into a prospe... [More Details]

MAKOM community in the Southern Arava


As the new year opened, MAKOM brought a new Garin (group of young modern pioneers) of 25 people, fresh out of the army, to the Southern Arava! The group operates the entire informal education array in the region, which is a crucial component in keeping the area attractive and relevant for young families. As you can learn onMore Details]

Local artists in Ofakim


One of MAKOM's communities in Ofakim, "Achuzt Negev", held a city-wide event a few days ago that took hundreds of school students out to the streets on a challenging "seek the treasure" game throughout the city. they followed the footsteps of the late Yitzchak Tadgi, a local artist who left dozens of sculptures around town... [More Details]

Makom’s Hashomer Hatzair Community in Beer Sheva


A new educational year has started at the Educator's Kibbutz in Beer Sheva. We have opened a new year with our new volunteers at the Shnat Sherut, a group of 19 new counselors that will live in the city, volunteer at the different centers and will help spread our work to more children and teens. As the New Year began they have received the bless... [More Details]

MAKOM’s Tarbut Community in Netanya


MAKOM’s "Alia" is a "Tarbut" community of artists and educators in Netanya with 20 members. Last month they presented two original artistic creations in the community: "out in the open"- a poetry book made by six women from Netanya who met every week with a writer from "Alia" community, and "The haun... [More Details]

MAKOM’s “Dror Yisrael” comunity in Be’er-Sheva- Empowering the Youth from within


One of Makom’s biggest beleifes is empowering a community from within. Dror Yisrael’s community in Beer Sheva is exemplifying just that by passing along the torch from one group of leaders to the next. The community youth is joining together this month creating programs and preparing for a seminar where they will provide leadership training for ... [More Details]

MAKOM’s Gvanim Community in Beer Sheva


During the summer months Makom’s Gvaniim community in Beer Sheva focuses on bringing together the community and empowering from within. The Parent-Child Center is one of the central meeting places for families in the community. Over the summer the center, in cooperation with other local bodies, runs free programming open to the public including par... [More Details]

MAKOM’s Hamma Community in Beer Sheva- Bringing Unifying Activity to Beer Sheva


Cultural activity and a sense of community are among the main factors that attract young people to the Negev, and retain existing ones. MAKOM’s Hamma community in Beer Sheva is keen on joining together the community through various hobbies and mutual interests. One way is through free yoga classes given by instructors throughout the summer. Another way... [More Details]

MAKOM’s Karmiel Community- Pardes Program


The education in Karmiel does not end just because the school year is over. During summer vacation MAKOM's community runs organized trips for their youth to Southern Tel Aviv where they address topics such as social-economic gaps, accepting others, and teen culture. In addition they continue planning for their educational programming for this coming year. Th... [More Details]

MAKOM´s Community in Beit Sheean- Family Conference


Families are the building blocks for communities, and it has already been proven that strengthening the family unit empowers the entire community, retains existing families in the Negev and Galilee and attracts new ones. The Beit Sheean community in the Galilee brought 100s of families together for an annual conference on Jewish psychology from all over... [More Details]

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