MAKOM’s Tarbut Community in Netanya

MAKOM’s "Alia" is a "Tarbut" community of artists and educators in Netanya with 20 members. Last month they presented two original artistic creations in the community: "out in the open"- a poetry book made by six women from Netanya who met every week with a writer from "Alia" community, and "The haunted"- an original theatre show played by a group of "Beit Hayotzrim Neot Hertzel"- Tarbut's youth movement branch in Netanya.

In addition, "Alia" members produced a local art festival called "Ein Zo Agada" that celebrated original local artworks: an exhibition of a local photographer, an exhibition of local visual artists, original music performances, artistic workshops for youth and adults, special children's plays, street art and more...

1000 Netanya residents participated in the local festival.