Local artists in Ofakim

One of MAKOM's communities in Ofakim, "Achuzt Negev", held a city-wide event a few days ago that took hundreds of school students out to the streets on a challenging "seek the treasure" game throughout the city. they followed the footsteps of the late Yitzchak Tadgi, a local artist who left dozens of sculptures around town. In the picture, you can see one group visiting Tadgi's house, which is full of his works.

Culture is one of the three most important factors in making the Negev and Galilee more attractive places to live in. By supplying high level culture and arts, and integrating those into the local education system, MAKOM changes the atmosphere in the Negev and Galilee. This is yet another piece in the puzzle, towards reaching JNF's Blueprint Negev and Go North objectives.